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News around SandStat:


Three new Excel tools for sandwich calculation developed by iS-engineering

21/12/2011- iS-engineering GmbH offers a new free Excel-Tool named SandExcel I for the Calculation of the stresses and actions acc. to the sandwich theory (new: results in tables). Futhermore another two new Excel-Tools are being offered:
SandExcel II for theCalculation of stresses and design according to EN 14509, annex E
SandExcel III for the Calculation of allowable span tables
Link to the website iS-engineering GmbH


20/8/2011 - We offer a seminar about SandStat at October 28th 2011 - this time in German only. The seminar is about user's questions concerning our software and about handling special tasks with SandStat.

EN 14509:

8/5/2011 - With the introduction of EN 14509 on 1st of January 2009 and the end of the phase of coexistence on 1st of October 2010 now the design of sandwich panels according to this standard and according to its Appendix E, are possible. Now the semi-probabilistic (based on partial safety factors) limit state concept is implemented consistently for sandwich panels. SandStat too gives you various options (see prices), e. g. with fixed load factors, combination coefficients and / or material safety factors.

All values and design parameters are declared in the CE-mark according to EN 14509, annex ZA and the accompanying documents from the manufacturers as a basis.

National requirements, such as Germanys, so-called "approvals for application" oft he DIBt or the additional national standard for France "XP P 34-900/CN" by Afnor are included in SandStat or optionally selectable. With an additional database that is constantly growing, the different national safety factors are available.

For Germany, the element data to the new "Approvals" are continuously implemented into SandStat, so that you are always up to date.

SandStat – ABO:

15/3/2011 - Last but not least by the introduction of EN 14509, almost every day new, changed or completed panel data are in the "market". The manufacturers change their products in nature of almost continuous adjustments to panel thickness, thicknesses of the sheets, addition or change of profiles, core material values and geometries. To be always up-to-date, we recommend to order the panel-abonnement.

With the panel-abonnement you get an updated panel database and a free SandStat update three to four times a year. (see prices)



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