Here you will find the FAQ, that helps you with your questions from installing the software to its application, in Documents we provide latest SandStat documentation and some more helpful information. And in the download area you find the latest updates for your software version of SandStat.

SandStat user guide, German version, (pdf, download as zip-archive, 4.0 MB)

Info pages for SandStat installation and SandStat update (pdf, 0.2 MB)

Currently there is no continuous seminar or training program running. However, we offer individual training programes. These can take place either in our rooms or in your office or company. Please arrange to set date and scope of your training. Topics might include:

  • Introduction to the sandwich technology (advantages, special features, formal foundations, CE Mark, failure modes etc.)
  • Design of sandwich panels (design by calculation, safety concepts) differences / advantages of German approvals to EN 14509
  • Design loads (snow and wind to DIN 1055 and Eurocode, temperature, long term effects)
  • How to use SandStat?
  • Element data and values for implementation in SandStat
  • Fasterners - design and selection
  • Alternative methods of calculation e.g. to ECCS

Of course your individual questions concerning SandStat or the sandwich technology in general, are welcome too (see contact).

Seminars at iS-engineering GmbH, the Manufacturer of SandStat.

Additional seminars are held by our course instructors in cooperation with IFBS. You can find information about these seminars at

Further information about seminars on metal light weight construction and/or Sandwich Technology can be found at

To get a demo-version of SandStat please use the order form.

Updated screw database – version 2020-08 (download as zip-archive, 3.2 MB)

Drivers for Aladdin/Safenet Dongles

For the use of SandStat with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, please use HASPUserSetup.exe (Download as zip-archive, 21.0 MB, as of December 2020).


Excel-Tool 5% -Fraktile (Excel-file, 0.4 MB)

Of course you can contact us via e-mail for general questions. Please do not forget to give us your contact details.